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Why Should I Use a Professional Agency?

Why Should I Use a Professional Agency?

This is a very good question. The answer may not be obvious to you right away, but by the end of this section, you should be convinced!

A Proven, 40-year, Track Record

Pick an agency that has a proven track record in the business. For example, Davis Event Group, has been in the business for over 40 years. That should say something in itself. Almost all of our business is referral, which also lets you know that we do good business. Many times your event location will recommend vendors. This is an excellent way to start your research.

Licensed Professionals

We are licensed by the City of Alexandria, Certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia. These are really important points. It tells you that the city where we operate validates that we do business in accordance with the laws set forth here, and that we have been further validated by the Commonwealth in which we are incorporated to let you know that we are a corporation in good standing. We are also insured.

What happens if you book an independent band and they disappear a week before your event? And if you have sent them a deposit, what now? Well, you really have no recourse. If you have booked entertainment with a legitimate agency, you will have entertainment for your event.

What about these "out of the basement" agencies. Some of them are legitimate-but many are not licensed. Ask to see it. Again, be sure to check them out because you will have no recourse if they are not licensed to do business in their area. Another drawback is that if something should happen to your band or entertainer, these one-man operations tend to have a very small roster and might not be able to make a replacement. Also, these small operations are rarely insured.

Here are a couple of really important questions. Say you have "surfed the net" and found a band that looks good. How can you be sure of their track record for special events? How can you be sure that they know the protocol for a special event. And the cost? How can you be sure that you have been charged a fair price? Professional agencies know what the fair market price of a band should be.

Safe, Dependable, Reputable

Some bands brag that they will not work for an agency, or that you can save a little money if you go directly to them. Aside from the pointers that we have just given you, try getting some of these entertainers on the phone to go over details for your event. We at Davis Event Group, are here all day long, every day to answer all of your questions. You won't spend days trying to catch up with us. And-don't forget-independent bands will not be licensed or insured.

The moral of this story is, sure, you will have to pay a little extra for the service of an agency, but isn't it worth the guarantee that you will have professional entertainment that is certain to show up for your event? How will it feel with 500 guests at your gala staring at an empty stage? And don't forget, the agency you choose should be licensed and insured.

Now... call Davis Event Group for the best in service and entertainment!