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Corporate Entertainment

Corporate Entertainment

Jan Davis with Beyonce
Jan Davis and friends backstage with Beyonce

At Davis Event Group we have an impressive roster and the experience to help you choose just the right entertainment or decor for your event.  Davis Event Group will customize every proposal just for your company!



Just want dancing? Bands, DeeJays, we have it!

Corporate Event Entertainment


Just want decor? Elegant or themed - we have it!

Themed Decor for Corporate Events


Just want lighting? We have it!

Corporate Event Lighting


Want to energize your team?  Want something really fantastic for your corporate events and conferences, click on this link for just the thing!

Engaging, Energizing, Entertainment for Corporate Events


For a custom program that is Engaging, Energizing, Entertainment, email or call now!  jan@daviseventgroup.com or 703-461-7253


For something really unique, our Cirque Performers, complete with Décor and Lighting, will leave your guests breathless.