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DJs & VJs

Davis Event Group will make your event come alive with one of our experienced, professional DJ, VJ, or Karaoke experts anywhere in Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC. Our Dee Jays must have a minimum of 5 years experience to be presented on our roster, a large library of music, and top-of- the line equipment. Davis Event Group is the only VJ presenter in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.. This includes music videos, and one or two large video screens and lights or lighting truss. For any size group, this is an impressive presentation. Our Karaoke professionals know how to keep a room alive, be it a corporate event, fundraiser, Gala, or wedding. Our DJ's are also experienced at playing band breaks. All wedding clients may meet with the DJ of their choice prior to their wedding, and each will receive a reception planner to fill out and Songlists to help plan their special wedding day.

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DJ Aaron

DJ AaronWith more than 13 years of DJ experience under his belt, Aaron has performed for over 1,000 events, including weddings, corporate, private and social events across the Virginia, Maryland and Washington,DC area. His love of music began as a pianist, and he eventually played woodwinds and brass as well. This period in his life gave him a great fundamental knowledge of Classical Music, so Aaron is well versed in beautiful ceremony music or background music for any elegant-style reception.


DJ John

DJ John has been a professional live performer as well as a session guitarist for over 20 years. He obtained his Masters of Music in Jazz Guitar Performance from the University of Maryland, BA Cum Laude in Jazz and Classical Guitar Performance at Shepherd College, and his AA in Classical Guitar Performance at Montgomery College. He has been teaching since 1985, is a member of the International Association of Jazz Educators, and is currently the Contemporary Music Director at Saint David's Episcopalian Church in Ashburn, VA. John has toured and performed for literally hundreds of events, from weddings and corporate, to private and social, to concerts. He also is a favorite performer at numerous clubs around the city. He is notably unusual in that he plays both Classical and Jazz.


DJ Steve

DJ RobDJ Steve grew up in a DJ family. His mother and father are both professional DJ's, so Steve grew up in training! He has now been working the private and social event circuit for 15 years on his own. Because all DJ's are personally interviewed and auditioned by our President, Jan Davis, he was put under the same tough scrutiny as all of our DJ's, despite his young age - and he passed with flying colors!  He has grown into a polished, experienced professional, with a great knowledge of music because of his long experience working alongside professionals Mom and Dad. He knows all the music styles - classic rock as well as Motown and 80's to the present.


DJ Kathy

DJ KathyOur wonderful DeeJay Kathy has over 15 years of experience as a DJ in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC area. Since 1989, Kathy has entertained audiences at hundreds of events. She also continues to work in area clubs, which keeps her on top of the latest trends in music. She has literally thousands of songs with her at every event. Her repertoire includes all styles of music, from Top 40 to Motown to Country and more. Kathy has experience in the corporate arena, as well as with weddings, private and social events, and after prom parties. This kind of versatility makes her one of the most popular DJ's in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC area. Kathy uses the latest in state-of-the-art DJ technology. Her many selections are on a laptop computer, which makes any song quickly available for client requests.


DJ Michael

DJ Michael CDJ Michael is one of Washington DC's best kept secrets! Whether you need Dee Jay services for a Corporate or Private event-whether it be your Holiday Event, a Wedding, or your Quinces-DJ Michael has done it! His outgoing personality, experience, and passion combine to allow him to stand out from many other Dee Jays in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia . In addition to his musical talent, he is bi-lingual, speaking English and Spanish. One of the main reasons people have been hiring Michael for the past 10 years is because of his natural ability to adapt to different crowds. His passion for music has helped him expand his collection of music genres so that he can appeal to any age group! His only wish is to please the crowd with the music they like, including but not limited to Top 40, R&B, Oldies, Alternative, Pop, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, House, Dancehall, Reggae, Soca, Go-Go, and much more. But-you choose what you want played at your event.


DJ George

DJ George | Davis Event Group | Corporate Event, Wedding, and Private Event Planning in the Washington, DC RegionDJ George has performed as DJ and Master of Ceremonies at hundreds of weddings and other special events in Virginia, Maryland, and the DC Metropolitan area since 1999. He specializes in events, weddings, or private events that are elegant, fun and memorable. Prior to his tenure as a DJ / MC, he was a successful musician and band leader in several area Top 40 and variety bands.


DJ Dan

DJ DanAs a professional entertainer for over 15 years, DJ Dan has performed at many unique and diverse events. Whether he is working as a solo pianist at the Vice President's home, as a keyboard player for a national recording artist, or as an MC and DJ for wedding and corporate clients, he loves what he does! His versatility as a musician greatly enhances his knowledge of DJ music of many styles, while his professional demeanor, attitude, and presentation reflect his years of experience in the event world. A proficient sound engineer as well, Dan always brings the finest in sound equipment, and can also offer a spectacular light show package at an affordable cost. Originally from Argentina, Dan has also been bi-lingual in Spanish and English since the age of ten.


DJ Rob

DJ Rob Dee Jay Rob has been in the music business for over 20 years, from owning and operating his own music store, to performing in bands and being a sound technician, to performing as a DJ. His vast experience in the many aspects of the industry brings a professional and knowledgeable perspective to the business that few DJ's can claim.

He has performed for over 800 weddings, as well as for hundreds of corporate and social events. For over 20 years, his talent and great sense of humor has pleased audiences of all ages. He can be as outgoing as you like, or stay off the microphone and just play great music if that is your preference. This is an unusual combination, as most talkative and outgoing DJ's are just that-and that is all. And, in reverse, the same holds true. Most quiet DJ's are just that-quiet.


DJ Kevin

DJ kevinDJ Kevin has been on the Davis Event Group roster longer than any other DJ. During the 1980's, after many years of booking all styles of bands and music, our clients began to request DeeJays. Jan Davis set out to build a roster of only the best DeeJays in the business-and she found Kevin. It was a great start! Kevin is a full time DeeJay who is poised and professional, has command of the stage, a great knowledge of music, and knows how any kind of event should be run. He has worked from Seattle, Washington to Washington, D.C. Whatever your age group, whether your event is formal or casual, Kevin is a great choice. He can also add Karaoke upon request. A first-class professional, you will never be disappointed with DJ Kevin! Call 703-461-7253703-461-7253  or email jan@daviseventgroup.com!